The easiest way to share and manage your Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories

Getting started
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SourceCode Management

SCM-Manager comes out of the box with support for Git, Mercurial and Subversion. All three types can be managed the same way over one interface.

Easy Installation

SCM-Manager can be easily installed on the platform of your choice. We are trying to make the installation on every platform as easy as possible.


We provide a variety of useful plugins from a wide range of categories out of the box which can be expanded individually.


SCM-Manager can be easily extended with its simple plugin api.


We provide you a rich Level 3 RESTful WebService for every function of SCM-Manager. This makes it easy to integrate with your internal processes.


SCM-Manager comes with a very flexible authentication mechanism. You can configure the mechanism that fits your needs or use the embedded one.


SCM-Manager provides a fine grained authorization model. Give users or groups of users exactly the permissions they need.

Simple Configuration

SCM-Manager is completely configurable from its Web-Interface. There is no need to hack configuration files.

No Dependencies

No web servers, databases or caches are required. SCM-Manager is very lightweight and does not force you to install a ton of infrastructure components.

User Interface

SCM-Manager comes with a nice looking rich user interface, which provides you with a smooth user experience.


SCM-Manager is free and licensed under the MIT OpenSource license.

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