SCM-Manager Documentation

This documentation describes the administration and usage of SCM-Manager. It is available in different languages and versions, which can be selected in the menu on the right.

SCM-Manager 2 is an extremely lightweight source code management tool that can be individually extended through a variety of plugins. This documentation is divided into five categories:

  • The section "Getting started" introduces the installation and configuration of SCM-Manager and answers frequently asked questions.
  • The "Administration" area deals with issues that are important when operating an instance.
  • The rubric "Development" contains information for the further development of SCM-Manager. It describes how SCM-Manager can be built and what needs to be considered.
  • The area of "Plugin Development" focuses on the process of plugin development.
  • "User-oriented" summarizes the features from the user's point of view in the basic version with the minimal set of plugins. The features of the optional plugins are introduced in separate documentations.