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SCM-Manager now on GitHub

Posted on 2020-02-05 by Daniel Huchthausen

Migration in progress

As previously announced, all SCM-Manager repositories are being migrated to GitHub, because Bitbucket has announced the ending support for Mercurial.

Soon, all repositories will be available under the SCM-Manager organization on GitHub. It is our goal to…

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SCM-Manager 2 - First release candidate

Posted on 2019-12-18 by Daniel Huchthausen

We are more than happy to announce that the first release candidate of SCM-Manager 2 is ready!

Since the last news about SCM-Manager 2 we have worked on the missing key features like the plugin center or anonymous access to repositories. Now it is done and we are offering you the…

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Migration to GitHub

Posted on 2019-10-14 by Daniel Huchthausen

Because of the soon ending support for Mercurial repositories on Bitbucket (link) we decided to move all SCM-Manager repositories to GitHub.

Since there won’t be a major repository hosting platform left that supports Mercurial, it was inevitable for us to migrate the SCM-Manager…

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Cloudogu support team

Posted on 2019-07-30 by Daniel Huchthausen

Some time ago a vigorous involvement with SCM-Manager was announced in the Cloudogu blog. In the first step, Cloudogu joined the development of SCM-Manager 2. Now, as the second step, Cloudogu assigned a team to actively help with the support for SCM-Manager. The team will do…

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SCM-Manager 2 development

Posted on 2019-06-28 by Daniel Huchthausen

Over the last couple of years it became clear that SCM-Manager 1 does not have the capabilities to fulfill the requirements of a modern SourceCodeManagement Tool. Great feature requests had to be rejected, because they simply could not be implemented with SCM-Manager 1. That is…

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