Issue restart

Posted on 2020-03-24 by Rene Pfeuffer

Over the years, SCM-Manager received a lot of attention and a lot of people had questions. Some of them led to issues on BitBucket, which were migrated to GitHub not long ago. With the release of SCM-Manager 2 getting closer, we would like to get rid of old issues, because we would like to focus on the important, still relevant ones. So we decided to use GitHub Stale, a little bot that closes issues that had no activity for quite some time. Tickets like enhancements, will not be affected by the bot, because they may take a longer than normal issues.

If you find your ticket closed, but you feel like it still persists, we would like to politely ask you to re-open it on GitHub. If you have a new issue, take a minute or two and take a look at the old ones; maybe you will find an answer there. Doing so, we will get a better overview of which issues are still relevant and we will know what to focus on.

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