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Posted on 2021-06-15 by Eduard Heimbuch

Hey SCM-Manager community,

We are proud to inform you about our newest (and first) official partnership with Secure Code Warrior. As part of our cooperation, we created the SCM-SCW-Plugin which integrates the Secure Code Warrior learning material into SCM-Manager. Besides GitHub, SCM-Manager is the second exclusive integration with Secure Code Warrior support.

Who is Secure Code Warrior?

Secure Code Warrior offers a platform that provides developers, as well as others that are interested in security, with knowledge about security vulnerabilities. We think that their approach of using gamification and micro-learning works very well, because it sensitizes developers to the major topic of software security in the long term.

What is the SCM-SCW-Plugin?

The SCM-SCW-Plugin brings parts of the Secure Code Warrior knowledge into your SCM-Manager. We focused mainly on two scenarios for the first implementation, both of which depend on pull requests you may know from the SCM-Review-Plugin.

Scenario 1: Pull Request Description

A developer from our team has found a critical SQLI (SQL Injection) security bug in our code. He fixes the vulnerability on a new bugfix branch and creates a pull request in our SCM-Manager.

Issue: Unfortunately, no other developer has knowledge about SQLI and therefore cannot verify his changes.

Solution: As soon as the title or description of the pull request contains keywords related to the security-related fix, such as SQLI, Secure Code Warrior learning content will be shown directly on the pull request. Now the reviewers can learn about SQL injection before reviewing the changes.

Pull Request Description

Scenario 2: Pull Request Comments

A developer from our team creates a new feature regarding sql statements. He also pushes his feature on a new feature branch and creates a pull request in SCM-Manager.

Afterwards a reviewer checks the new features and finds some issues in the code. There is an attack vector which can be exploited with SQL injection using user-controlled inputs. The reviewer creates comments describing his findings in the pull request.

Issue: Now the developer needs to understand how this vulnerability works and how to fix it.

Solution: As soon as the reviewer posts comments which contain special keywords like sqli or SQL injection in the pull request, the Secure-Code-Warrior-Plugin adds matching content from Secure Code Warrior in an additional comment.

Pull Request Description

Where can I download this plugin?

This plugin is completely free and doesn't need an account for Secure Code Warrior. But since it is not available in the official SCM-Manager plugin center, it has be downloaded and installed manually.

Find out more about the plugin and how to install it in the official documentation. Register and download the SCM-SCW-Plugin from the cloudogu platform.

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