New SCM-Manager Community Platform

Posted on 2021-09-04 by Eduard Heimbuch

Hello SCM-Manager Community,

we are happy to finally announce our new SCM-Manager Community Forum. This platform connects SCM-Manager users and SCM-Manager developers, as this is where you can ask your questions, discuss ideas for new features with us, or create content to share with the community.

It's still a little early, but we plan to fill the platform with life in the coming weeks and months. The success of SCM-Manager is measured by the satisfaction of the users and the easy, smooth operation and management of this tool. That's why we continue to count on your valuable feedback and have created this new platform for you and for us.

We have had several opportunities to have a direct exchange with some of you recently. From this we have taken new ideas and especially improvement requests for the usability of the SCM-Manager. You may have already seen a small part of it, e.g. the repository overview. We would like to thank all supporters once again and invite all other SCM-Manager users to connect directly with the SCM-Manager development team.

What are you waiting for? Check out the new platform!

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