SCM-Manager Public Showcases

Posted on 2021-09-29 by Eduard Heimbuch

Hello SCM-Manager Community,

Today we would like to present you our new content that we have created in the last weeks. By now there are already over 40 plugins for SCM-Manager 2 in the official Plugin Center. We have noticed that most users don't even know what is already possible with SCM-Manager. That's why we worked with our partner Windcloud to build a public SCM-Manager instance that anyone can access without credentials. Our first showcases with the Jenkins integration, the Redmine integration, the Pull Request flow and the Script Plugin may help you find better workflows with SCM-Manager. This is just the beginning as we will be adding more and more content requested by the community.

In addition, we have added some of our own production repositories to be further developed on this public instance. We hope this provides some insight into our own work with SCM-Manager.

Find our showcases in the Cloudogu Community.

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