SCM-Manager v1 Plugin Center

Posted on 2021-10-27 by Sebastian Sdorra

Hello SCM-Manager Community,

On June 04, 2020 we released SCM Manager v2 in the first stable version. That was 510 days ago. Today we decided to shutdown the PluginCenter for version 1 on April 30, 2022, and we also disabled access via http today.

What does this mean for running 1.x instances?

Running instances will continue to run without interruption. Installing and updating plugins will only be possible via https until the April 30, 2022. From May 01, 2022 on, it will no longer be possible to install or update plugins for v1 at all, but running instances will of course continue to run.

How can I make sure that my v1 instance uses https?

To make sure that your instance uses https to access the PluginCenter, the URL under Config -> General -> Plugin repository must start with https and not http. Normally the URL should look like this:{version}/plugins?os={os}&arch={arch}&snapshot=false

If the URL uses http, SCM-Manager will only show the installed plugins on the plugins tab and not the ones from the plugin center.

It's time to upgrade!

If you still have running 1.x instances, now is the right time to upgrade to v2. Take a look at our migration guide. If you still have questions, we are happy to answer those in our forum.

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