SCM-Manager 2.42.x

Posted on 2023-02-17 by Laura Gorzitze

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

after almost a month, we have a new version for you. You might notice that there is already a bugfix version 2.42.1. The reason for that was a conflict between the updated svn library and our ssh plugin. We fixed this immediately and thus released version 2.42.1.

Apart from that we want to inform you about two new features: a new permission overview, new possibilities for webhooks and the selection of PR default reviewers.

Overview for Permissions

As there are many permissions to manage within the SCM-Manager, it can get quite cluttered and confusing which permissions are set for different users and groups. Additionally, users can be sorted into groups via external systems such as LDAP or CAS. Until now, admins could not access an overview over such external groups.

To tackle those two problems, the new version comes with an integrated permission overview. The overview can be accessed via the information page for each user. Within this overview you can see all groups that a user got assigned to at their last login. Underneath you will find a table with information on all namespaces and repositories which have permissions directly set for the user and their groups.

Image of the new permission overview with the two tables mentioned in the text

Headers for Webhooks

A frequently asked for feature were headers for webhooks, which we now implemented in the Webhook Plugin. Assigned passwords can be concealed, so they will neither be stored as clear text nor shown on the user interface.

Image of an header in a webhook

PR Default Reviewer

With the release, you now have the option to save default reviewers for pull request. Default reviewers can be selected in the section Pull Requests under the Pull Request Configuration. Please note that this is a repository specific configuration. For each pull request the default reviewer is pre-selected, but can also be de-selected if needed. This feature is located in the Review Plugin.

Image of Pull Request Configuration

Closing words

Are you still missing an important feature? How can SCM-Manager help you improve your work processes? We would love to hear from you about what you need most!

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the SCM-Manager? Contact the DEV team directly on GitHub and make sure to check out our new community platform.

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