SCM-Manager 2.48.0

Posted on 2023-11-22 by René Pfeuffer

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

today we released the new version of the SCM-Manager 2.48.0 (to be honest, it's 2.48.1 due to a small bug in the ui). For some of you, the most important new feature comes with an new plugin: The Custom Storage Plugin.

Custom Storage Plugin

With version 2.x of SCM-Manager we changed the way, how repositories are stored. Instead of using the repository type and name for the directory structure, we now use the id of the repository. This makes it easier to handle renames of repositories and to handle special characters in the name. But it also makes it harder to handle repositories outside SCM-Manager, like backup or using other mounted directories.

The new Custom Storage Plugin allows you to configure the directory structure of your repositories. You can use the repository type, name, id or any combination of these to configure the directory structure. You can even use a custom template to configure the directory structure for new repositories.

Configuration of the custom storage plugin

Signature Check Plugin

The Signature Check Plugin allows you to check the signature of commits. This is useful, if you want to make sure, that commits are signed by a trusted person.

Signature check plugin in action

Other changes

  • It is now possible to rebuild the search index and invalidate all caches in SCM-Manager. This might be useful, if you experience inconsistent data in SCM-Manager. You can find this feature in the global settings.
  • The Repository Size Plugin will now load the sizes of the repositories one by one. This should provide a better user experience, if you have a lot of repositories or very big ones.
  • You, the community, found a bug regarding the branch protection in the review plugin. This is fixed now.
  • If you are using the SSH Plugin, you can now set your preferred protocol for the information page.

... and a lot of other small improvements and bugfixes. Please make sure to update your plugins, too!

Closing words

Are you still missing an important feature? How can SCM-Manager help you improve your work processes? We would love to hear from you about what you need most!

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the SCM-Manager? Contact the DEV team directly on GitHub and make sure to check out our new community platform.

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