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Install scm-manager on kubernetes with helm

To install SCM-Manager on Kubernetes we offer a Helm chart. The chart is only tested with v3 of helm.


helm repo add scm-manager
helm repo update
helm install scm-manager scm-manager/scm-manager


If you want to customize the installation you can use a values files e.g.:

helm install scm-manager scm-manager/scm-manager --values=custom.yml

The following table list the configurable parameters of the SCM-Manager chart and their default values.

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {} Affinity settings
fullnameOverride string "" Override the full resource names
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" SCM-Manager image pull policy
image.repository string "scmmanager/scm-manager" Name of SCM-Manager image
image.tag string "version-off Chart" Tag of SCM-Manager image
ingress.annotations object {} Ingress annotations
ingress.enabled bool false Enables ingress
ingress.hosts list ["scm-manager.local"] Ingress hosts
ingress.path string "/" Ingress path
ingress.tls list [] Ingress TLS configuration
nameOverride string "" Override the resource name prefix
nodeSelector object {} Node labels for pod assignment
persistence.accessMode string "ReadWriteOnce" The PVC access mode
persistence.enabled bool true Enable the use of a PVC for SCM-Manager home
persistence.size string "40Gi" The size of the PVC
resources object {} Resources allocation (Requests and Limits)
service.port int 80 k8s service port
service.type string "LoadBalancer" k8s service type
tolerations list [] Toleration labels for pod assignment