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The tag overview shows the tags that exist for this repository. By clicking on a tag, the details page of the tag is shown.

Tags Overview

Tag Details Page

This page shows a command to work with the tag on the command line.

Tag Details Page

Tag Signatures

If there is at least one signature on the tag, the verification status is displayed as a key icon after its name on its details page.

A tag can have multiple signatures.

Depending on the status of the individual signatures, the key will have a distinct color indicator:

  • if at least one signature on the tag is invalid, the key will be red OTHERWISE
  • if at least one signature is valid, the key will be green OTHERWISE
  • the key will be gray

If you hover the key icon, a list of all signatures on the tag will pop up.

Tag Signatures

Deleting Tags

Tags can be deleted directly on the tags overview page or on the details page of the tag.