Changelog and downloads for version 2.14.0

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2.14.0 - (2021-03-01)

This version contains several known security vulnerabilities.

If you are looking for an other version of SCM-Manager, please have a look at the archive.


Generic Linux/Unix users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

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Windows users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

Checksum (SHA256):



  • Repository data can be migrated independently to enable the import of dumps from older versions (#1526)
  • XML attribute in root element of config entry stores (#1545)
  • Add option to encrypt repository exports with a password and decrypt them on repository import (#1533)
  • Make repository export asynchronous. (#1533)
  • Lock repository to "read-only" access during export (#1519)
  • Warn user to not leave page during repository import (#1536)
  • Import repository permissions from repository archive (#1520)
  • Added import protocols (#1558)


  • Loading of cache configuration from plugins (#1540)
  • Missing error message for wrong password (#1527)
  • Sporadic error in reading git pack files (#1518)
  • Fix permission check for branch deletion (#1515)
  • Fix broken mercurial http post args configuration (#1532)
  • Do not resolve external groups for system accounts (#1541)
  • Wrong redirect on paginated overviews (#1535)


  • Config entry stores are handled explicitly in exports (#1545)
  • Allow usage of cache as shiro authentication and authorization cache (#1540)
  • Implement new changelog process (#1517)
  • Fire post receive repository hook event after the repository import has been finished. (#1544)
  • improve frontend performance with stale while revalidate pattern (#1555)
  • Change the order of files inside the repository archive (#1538)