Changelog and downloads for version 2.28.0

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2.28.0 - (2021-12-22)

This version contains a known security vulnerability.

If you are looking for an other version of SCM-Manager, please have a look at the archive.


Generic Linux/Unix users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

Checksum (SHA256):

Windows users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

Checksum (SHA256):



  • Fix ScmPathInfoStore injection (#1889)
  • Show additional branch details information (#1888 and #1893)
  • Add move capabilities to modify command (#1859)
  • Adds compatibility for OCP and ICP (#1870)
  • Show additional information on branches overview (#1876)


  • High contrast mode flaws (#1892)
  • Cleanup html errors (#1869)
  • Fix extension point "main.route"
  • Closing of repository while getting the latest commit asynchronously (#1903)
  • Search highlighting in jsx (#1886)
  • Syntax highlighting on non highlighted fields (#1901)
  • Ellipsis on new lines in code syntax highlighting (#1901)
  • Ellipsis on content start or end in non code fields (#1901)
  • Closing of file streams (#1857 and #1868)
  • Exit of retry loop for deletion of files (#1857 and #1868)
  • Personal footer links (#1882)
  • Better error descriptions for gpg key import (#1879)
  • Highlight only queried fields (#1887)
  • Overview document title (#1885)
  • Do not display ellipsis if search result matches start or end of content (#1896)
  • Source view for files with colons (#1881)


  • Improved quick search experience for screen readers (#1898)
  • Keep whole lines for code highlighting in search (#1871)
  • Use more accurate language detection for syntax highlighting (#1891)
  • Improve headings structure (#1883)
  • Enforce eslint to ensure accessible html (#1878)