Changelog and downloads for version 2.33.0

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2.33.0 - (2022-04-29)

If you are looking for an other version of SCM-Manager, please have a look at the archive.


Generic Linux/Unix users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

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Windows users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

Checksum (SHA256):



  • Add cli support for repositories, users and groups (#1987, #1993)


  • Table in code view breaks at certain screensizes (#1995)
  • Freezing browser if large files with syntax highlighting were displayed (#2010)
  • Multiline highlighting with line numbers (#2010)
  • White space next to button group in code action bar missing at screen size 769px (#2006)
  • Wrong label displayed above the action column in mobile mode for keys (#1990)
  • Do not process index types which no longer exist (#1985)
  • Incorrect log warning "could not set executable flag"
  • Correct styling of syntax highlighter .section elements (#1984)
  • Improve organization of variables in scss (#1976)
  • Small tweaks in darkmode (#1976)
  • Escape parenthesis for entity names to fix routing (#1998)
  • Unnecessary re-render of markdown view (#1999)
  • Handling of illegal lfs pointers (#1994)
  • Open file handle prevent deleting a repository on Windows (#2008)
  • Make focused buttons clearly visible (#2009)
  • Label on focused button in high-contrast mode has enough contrast (#2009)


  • Skip syntax highlighting on very large files (#2010)
  • Omit default port in protocol urls (#2014)