Plugins which makes the life of an SCM-Manager Administrator easier

Audit Log Cloudogu GmbH
Logs various actions on your server

Custom Storage Plugin Cloudogu GmbH
Lets you change the directory where a repository is stored.

JSON Metrics Cloudogu GmbH
Provides metrics as JSON

Logo of Prometheus Metrics

Prometheus Metrics Cloudogu GmbH
Provides metrics to Prometheus

Pushlog Cloudogu GmbH
Tracks who pushed what to a repository

Repository Size Cloudogu GmbH
Show the repository disk space size by categories

Repository Trash Bin Cloudogu GmbH
Saves repositories on deletion inside temporary trash bin

SSL Context Cloudogu GmbH
Administration for SSL Context

Support Cloudogu GmbH
Collects information for support cases

Trace Monitor Cloudogu GmbH
Traces outgoing requests from SCM-Manager