A bunch of plugins that provide more information

Activity Cloudogu GmbH
Shows the latest activity from your repositories

Author Mapping Cloudogu GmbH
Lookup and transform usernames to the real names stored in the scm-manager user database or in a mapping table

Content Search Cloudogu GmbH
Enable search for content

Custom Links Cloudogu GmbH
Adds custom links to your SCM-Manager instance

Gravatar Cloudogu GmbH
Gravatar icons for SCM-Manager

Readme Cloudogu GmbH
Shows the Readme Content of a repository

Repository Avatar Cloudogu GmbH
Enables different types of custom repository avatars

Logo of Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior Cloudogu GmbH
Secure Code Warrior support

Statistic Cloudogu GmbH
Build statistics for every repository