This bunch of plugins helps improve your workflow

Archive Cloudogu GmbH
Create a zip archive of a repository revision

Commit Message Checker Cloudogu GmbH
Validates commit message on each commit for pattern or format

Direct Filelink Cloudogu GmbH
Creates a direct link to the latest version of a file

Editor Cloudogu GmbH
Creates, edits and deletes files

Landing Page Cloudogu GmbH
Adds a landing page with tasks, events and data like favorite repositories

Notify Cloudogu GmbH
Sends email notifications to a list of subscribed addresses whenever a repo has changes

Repository Mirror Plugin Cloudogu GmbH
Mirror external repositories into SCM-Manager

Repository Template Cloudogu GmbH
Enable creators of repositories to choose a template repository upon initialization

Review Cloudogu GmbH
Depict a review process with pull requests

Script Cloudogu GmbH
Script support for scm-manager

Webhook Cloudogu GmbH
Notifies a remote webserver whenever a repository is pushed to