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SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc6

Posted on 2020-04-01 by Rene Pfeuffer

One of the core features of SCM-Manager is its extensibility with plugins. Installing, updating and removing plugins requires a restart of the SCM-Manager. And to be honest, we would not have thought this would be so hard.

After trying to destroy the complete context of the…

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Issue restart

Posted on 2020-03-24 by Rene Pfeuffer

Over the years, SCM-Manager received a lot of attention and a lot of people had questions. Some of them led to issues on BitBucket, which were migrated to GitHub not long ago. With the release of SCM-Manager 2 getting closer, we would like to get rid of old issues, because we…

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SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc5

Posted on 2020-03-13 by Rene Pfeuffer

Release 2 of SCM-Manager brings a lot of changes, some small, some big. Besides the most obvious change, the completely new user interface, there is the new level 3 REST API, which took us a considerable amount of effort to create.

The new REST API allows scripts and other applications to “navigate” from the top level REST resource (/scm/api/v2) to every resource available and to change them: repositories, sources, configurations, and items from plugins like pull requests. Using the editor plugin it is possible, to add or change…

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We migrated to GitHub

Posted on 2020-03-09 by Sebastian Sdorra

As mentioned here, we migrated the scm-manager core repository to GitHub: scm-manager/scm-manager.

We decided to do so due to the removed mercurial support from Bitbucket. This is no statement whatsoever against Mercurial, we will continue to support Mercurial, Git and Subversion…

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SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc4

Posted on 2020-02-14 by Rene Pfeuffer

For some time, the incompatability of SCM-Manager 2 with Java 9 or above has annoyed us. Now we can happily announce, that this is history. With the new version 2.0.0-rc4 SCM-Manager can run on Java 9 and above.

A little error though has not made it into this release: If you are…

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SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc3

Posted on 2020-02-05 by Rene Pfeuffer

Last week we stumbled upon an error in the plugin loader. If you have installed some plugins with dependencies between them, the may end up loading them in the wrong sequence and therefore running into an error. We fixed this error with SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc3.

If your SCM-Manager…

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SCM-Manager now on GitHub

Posted on 2020-02-05 by Daniel Huchthausen

Migration in progress

As previously announced, all SCM-Manager repositories are being migrated to GitHub, because Bitbucket has announced the ending support for Mercurial.

Soon, all repositories will be available under the SCM-Manager organization on GitHub. It is our goal to…

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SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc2

Posted on 2020-01-29 by Sebastian Sdorra

About six weeks ago we presented you the first release candidate of SCM-Manager 2. Now we finished the RC-2. Here are our favorite new features:

Unification of source and commits become “code”

We got feedback that the navigation points “Commits” and “Sources” on the right side…

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SCM-Manager 2 - First release candidate

Posted on 2019-12-18 by Daniel Huchthausen

We are more than happy to announce that the first release candidate of SCM-Manager 2 is ready!

Since the last news about SCM-Manager 2 we have worked on the missing key features like the plugin center or anonymous access to repositories. Now it is done and we are offering you the…

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Migration to GitHub

Posted on 2019-10-14 by Daniel Huchthausen

Because of the soon ending support for Mercurial repositories on Bitbucket (link) we decided to move all SCM-Manager repositories to GitHub.

Since there won’t be a major repository hosting platform left that supports Mercurial, it was inevitable for us to migrate the SCM-Manager…

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