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SCM-Manager v1 Plugin Center

Posted on 2021-10-27 by Sebastian Sdorra

Hello SCM-Manager Community,

On June 04, 2020 we released SCM Manager v2 in the first stable version. That was 510 days ago. Today we decided to shutdown the PluginCenter for version 1 on April 30, 2022, and we also disabled access via http today.

What does this mean for running…

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SCM-Manager 2.23.0

Posted on 2021-09-08 by Sebastian Sdorra

Hello Community,

today we released SCM Manager 2.23.0 which brings global search to a whole new level.

Search was introduced with the quick repository search bar in version 2.21.0. Version 2.22.0 comes with a details page and allows searching by users and groups. Since…

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Server maintenance

Posted on 2020-08-03 by Sebastian Sdorra

On Thursday 06-08-2020 at 07:00 GMT+2 we will update the following parts of our infrastructure:


This can cause interruptions when downloading SCM-Manager and installing or updating plugins. The maintenance work should not take longer…

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New website

Posted on 2020-06-02 by Sebastian Sdorra

Today we reached another great goal on our road to the 2.0.0 release.

We released our new website 🎉🥳

Our old website was a somewhat outdated wordpress blog. The blog was fine, but it does no longer match our needs. In the development process of SCM-Manager we use pull requests…

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New home for scm-manager packages

Posted on 2020-05-18 by Sebastian Sdorra

Before launching our 2.0.0 release we decided to optimize and modernize our infrastructure. One of the first notable changes is the new Nexus 3 instance replacing our old Nexus 2 instance on With this migration most paths have been…

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Change in ownership

Posted on 2020-04-15 by Sebastian Sdorra

In Fall 2018 Cloudogu and I announced a cooperation for this project. Ever since then, a lot has changed in the background. We established a permanent SCM-Manager team at Cloudogu, which I am the leader of. That allowed us to pick up speed in the development of SCM-Manager and to…

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We migrated to GitHub

Posted on 2020-03-09 by Sebastian Sdorra

As mentioned here, we migrated the scm-manager core repository to GitHub: scm-manager/scm-manager.

We decided to do so due to the removed mercurial support from Bitbucket. This is no statement whatsoever against Mercurial, we will continue to support Mercurial, Git and Subversion…

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SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc2

Posted on 2020-01-29 by Sebastian Sdorra

About six weeks ago we presented you the first release candidate of SCM-Manager 2. Now we finished the RC-2. Here are our favorite new features:

Unification of source and commits become “code”

We got feedback that the navigation points “Commits” and “Sources” on the right side…

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SCM-Manager 2 gets a boost by Cloudogu GmbH

Posted on 2018-09-25 by Sebastian Sdorra

In 2010 I started the development of SCM-Manager.  Since 2013 I have a strong partner: Cloudogu GmbH. In the past they contributed to the project by helping with support cases and the development of several plug-ins like Groupmanager, CAS, scm-htpasswd and Checkstyle.

Because of…

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SCM-Manager 1.60 with support for Java 9 and 10

Posted on 2018-05-04 by Sebastian Sdorra

Version 1.60 of SCM-Manager is now available for download. Version 1.60 is the first version with support for Java 9 and 10.

Release notes
Getting startedhttps…

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