Changelog and downloads for version 2.23.0

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2.23.0 - (2021-09-08)

This version contains several known security vulnerabilities.

If you are looking for an other version of SCM-Manager, please have a look at the archive.


Generic Linux/Unix users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

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Windows users:

Download the package and follow the installation instructions.

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  • Embedded repository in search result hit (#1756)
  • Base revision in modifications command to compute modifications between revisions (#1761)
  • Bounding box for plugin avatar (#1749)
  • Support for enum fields during indexing (#1792)
  • Central Work Queue for coordinating long-running tasks (#1781)
  • Api to modify multiple indices at once (#1781)
  • Event which is fired whenever the default branch of a repository changes (#1763)
  • Proxy support for pull, push and mirror commands (#1773)
  • Option for local proxy configuration to mirror command (#1773)
  • Show repository avatar in quick search (#1759)
  • Add additional help to quick search and an advanced search documentation page (#1757
  • Support for different types of analyzer per field (#1755)


  • Missing encoding of useBranch api (#1798)
  • Post 'post receive repository hook event' after import (#1754)
  • Preserve request method on force base url (#1771 and #1778)
  • Search queries containing hypens (#1743 and #1753)
  • Proxy authentication (#1773)
  • Fix disabled local proxy configuration being used over global config (#1780)
  • Fix HalRepresentationWithEmbedded type (#1793)
  • Error message for parse error on search result page (#1768)
  • Remove deletion of empty modalRoot node to allow a different modal to continue to exist (#1779)
  • Broken login page if login info response could not be parsed (#1791 and #1795)
  • Submission of empty search queries (#1769)
  • Too heavy logging of SchemeBasedWebTokenGenerator (#1772 and #1777)
  • Prevent multiple working copy pools (#1797)
  • Repository viewer filename with hash (#1766 and #1776)
  • Fetch clone modal data on first opening (#1784)
  • Branch selector display revision if selected instead of first branch (#1767)
  • Show empty files instead of endless loading spinner (#1762)
  • redundant git repo closing in some commands (#1789)
  • Keep quick search input on page reload (#1788)


  • One index per type instead of one index for all types (#1781)
  • Use central work queue for all indexing tasks (#1781)
  • Keep search result type if searched from result page (#1764)
  • Expose content type resolver api to plugins (#1752)
  • Improve Search API (#1755)