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SCM-Manager 2.46.0

Posted on 2023-08-25 by Thomas Zerr

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

today we released the new version of the SCM-Manager 2.46.0. This release focused on fixing bugs issued from the community, reworking ui components and releasing two new plugins.

UI Rework

We have finally finished the rework of the branches, tags and…

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SCM-Manager 2.45.0

Posted on 2023-07-18 by René Pfeuffer

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

apart from some new features and bugfixes, we focused on the UI performance of SCM-Manager in the last weeks and we would love to get feedback for this. So keep on reading and check out, whether you can improve your experience.


To be honest, the increased number of plugins slowed down SCM-Manager a bit when there are many repositories to handle. Especially the landing page could take a while to load. So…

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SCM-Manager 2.44.0

Posted on 2023-06-09 by Timo Hoppenheidt

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

the new version comes with some improvements. This includes the tag overview, the review plugin and the webhooks.

Tag Overview

The tag overview of your repository comes with a slightly new look. Functions, such as deleting a tag, are now hidden behind…

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SCM-Manager 2.43.0

Posted on 2023-04-12 by Eduard Heimbuch

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

the new version fixes several bugs reported by you. We want to especially mention that we fixed the frontend bug with SVN externals which was accidentally broken some releases ago. Also, we improved the permission handling for Mercurial so that most…

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SCM-Manager 2.42.x

Posted on 2023-02-17 by Laura Gorzitze

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

after almost a month, we have a new version for you. You might notice that there is already a bugfix version 2.42.1. The reason for that was a conflict between the updated svn library and our ssh plugin. We fixed this immediately and thus released version 2.42.1

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SCM-Manager 2.41.0

Posted on 2023-01-23 by René Pfeuffer

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

you haven't heard of us for two months now, but we haven't been idle all the time. Last week, we released version 2.41.0 of SCM-Manager with two features requested by you, our community.

Configurable repository list

Some of you want to change the amount of repositories on the startup page or hide archived repositories. You can do this now with the Landingpage Plugin. If you have not taken a look at it before, now it is the time to do so. Besides the ability to change the page size or to hide archived repositories, it can also show the latest activities, information…

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SCM-Manager 2.40.0

Posted on 2022-11-22 by Konstantin Schaper

Dear SCM-Manager Community,

in the following few paragraphs we have summarized some of the changes and features available in the new release. We have also fixed a series of complicated bugs and are actively preparing to make new integrations with third-party systems easier in the…

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SCM-Manager 2.39.0

Posted on 2022-09-15 by Konstantin Schaper

Hello SCM-Manager Community,

over a month has passed since our last feature release during which we have taken the time to round up some significant additions to our global search. Two brand-new plugins are ready for you in addition to several quality of life improvements and…

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SCM-Manager 2.38.0

Posted on 2022-08-08 by Konstantin Schaper

Hello SCM-Manager Community,

we continuously put in the effort to improve the SCM-Manager. This iteration focused on extensions to the CLI, contextual search and additional information for the pull request overview.

Due to complex changes to our underlying frontend build…

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SCM-Manager 2.37.0

Posted on 2022-06-29 by Konstantin Schaper

Hello SCM-Manager Community,

with every fresh release come new, exciting features that we do not want to keep from you. Beside the usual bugfixes, we want to highlight three additions/changes this time.

Git-LFS Support when Mirroring Repositories

A quite subtle, but much…

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