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Publish your Plugin

If you want to share your plugin with SCM-Manager users, you can publish it to the SCM-Manager Plugin Center by following the steps below.

  • Create a or Git repository for your plugin
  • Develop your plugin as described in Create a plugin
  • Fork the Plugin Center Repository
  • Create a folder with the name of your plugin under the content/plugins directory
  • Create a plugin.yml in this folder, which describes your plugin e.g.:
name: scm-cas-plugin
displayName: CAS
description: CAS Authentication plugin for version 2.x of SCM-Manager
category: authentication
author: Cloudogu GmbH
  • Commit your work and open a pull request. Put the url to your plugin repository into the description of the pull request.

After you have opened the pull request. We will do a few steps to integrate your plugin into the plugin center:

  • We will create a fork of your plugin under the SCM-Manager Team and give your account write permissions
  • After that we will create a Jenkins job for your plugin on
  • At the end we will accept your pull request

From now on you can work with the repository in the SCM-Manager Team. Every time you release your plugin (push a release branch e.g.: release/1.0.1) the Jenkins job will build your plugin and release it to the plugin center.