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Integration Tests

How to run integration tests

You can find the integration tests in the module scm-it (and a few still in scm-webapp). To run them, simply start maven with the profile it:

mvn install -Pit -DskipUnitTests -pl :scm-webapp,:scm-it

This will start a jetty server and execute all integration tests in the maven phase integration-test using the normal failsafe plugin. Integration tests are all classes ending with ITCase and are written using JUnit.

To develop integration tests, you should start a local server with the scm-integration-test-plugin. This plugin is used as a way to introspect server internals. For example you can register event listeners here and access their triggers with a REST endpoint. Of course, this plugin is not and should not be installed in productive systems. You can start the server with this plugin using the following maven call:

mvn run -pl :scm-integration-test-plugin