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Base Directory

The SCM-Manager base directory aka. home directory, contains all data which is created by SCM-Manager such as repositories and configurations. The location of the base directory depends on your operating system and type of installation.

Type of Installation Base directory
Docker /var/lib/scm
RPM /var/lib/scm
DEB /var/lib/scm
Unix ~/.scm
Mac OS X ~/Library/Application Support/SCM-Manager
Windows %APPDATA%\SCM-Manager

Change base directory location

The location of the base directory can be changed by using one of the following ways. The preferences are the following: Properties file over system property over environment variable.

Environment variable

By setting the environment variable SCM_HOME e.g.:

export SCM_HOME=/home/scm

For rpm and deb installations the variable can be changed via the file /etc/default/scm-server.

System property

The path can be changed by setting the system property scm.home e.g.:


Properties file

If SCM-Manager finds a file called on the class path it reads the property scm.home e.g.: