This page does not refer to the most recent version of the SCM-Manager. Go to the latest version of this page.

Building SCM-Manager from source

Software Requirements

Build SCM-Manager 2.x from source

hg clone
cd scm-manager
git checkout develop
mvn clean install

Note: if you use the "package" phase rather than the "install" phase, the standalone version may include an old version of the WAR file in the distribution bundle, rather than the version you just built.

After mvn finished, the war bundle is located at scm-webapp/target/scm-webapp.war and the standalone version is located at scm-server/target/scm-server-app.

You can also start a dev server using mvn jetty:run-war -f scm-webapp. SCM-Manager is served at http://localhost:8081/scm.