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Plugin Descriptor

The plugin descriptor contains informations and instructions for the scm-manager to integrate the plugin. The descriptor is located at META-INF/scm/plugin.xml in the package of a plugin.

Element Description Multiple
plugin Root element of the plugin descriptor
plugin/condition Plugin condifitions
plugin/condition/arch Processor architecture (x86/amd64)
plugin/condition/min-version Minimum version of SCM-Manager
plugin/condition/os Operation System
plugin/condition/os/name Name of the Operating System X
plugin/information Contains informations of the plugin for the plugin backend
plugin/information/artifactId Maven artifact id
plugin/information/author The Author of the plugin
plugin/information/category Category of the plugin
plugin/information/description Description of the plugin
plugin/information/groupId Maven group id
plugin/information/name Name of the plugin
plugin/information/screenshots Contains screenshots of the plugin
plugin/information/screenshots/screenshot Single screenshot of the plugin X
plugin/information/url The url of the plugin homepage
plugin/information/version The current version of the plugin
plugin/information/wiki The url of a wiki page
plugin/packages Java packages which are being searched for extensions
plugin/packages/package Single Java packages which is being searched for extensions X
plugin/resources Contains resources for the web interface (stylesheets and JavaScript files)
plugin/resources/script JavaScript file for the web interface X
plugin/resources/stylesheet Stylesheet for the web interface X

Example of the plugin descriptor:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Informations for the plugin backend.
    The elements groupId, artifactId, name, version and url
    are automatically added from the pom.xml by a maven plugin (since 1.5).
    <author>Sebastian Sdorra</author>

    pluigin requires SCM-Manager version 1.7 
    register package for plugin extension finder 

    register javascript file