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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the username and the password in the default installation?

On first startup, you have to create the initial administration user. Learn more at first startup.

Where does SCM-Manager store its configuration, data and repositories?

All data which is created by SCM-Manager, is stored in the SCM-Manager base directory. The location of the base directory depends on your type of installation. Please have a look at the documentation.

How can I change the SCM-Manager home directory?

There are several ways to change the location of the home directory: documentation

Where does SCM-Manager stores it log files?

The location of the log files depends on your operation system and the type of installation. Please have a look at the documentation.

How do I enable trace logging?

Find the location of your logging.xml in the documentation and change the following line from:

<logger name="sonia.scm" level="INFO" />


<logger name="sonia.scm" level="TRACE" />

After changing the configuration, SCM-Manager must be restarted.

How do I install plugins?

Find the plugin you like to install at plugins and follow the installation instructions on the install page of the plugin.

How can I import my existing (git|mercurial|subversion) repository

Please have a look on these detailed instructions.