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The SCM-Manager enhances keyboard interaction and navigation through additional shortcuts.


While using the SCM-Manager, a summary of all shortcuts available to the active user on the current page can be opened from anywhere by pressing the ? key.

Global Shortcuts

Key Combination Description
? Open the shortcut summary
/ Focus global quick search
alt r Navigate to Repositories
alt u Navigate to Users
alt g Navigate to Groups
alt a Navigate to Administration

List Navigation

Some pages with lists on them support keyboard navigation. If the page supports this feature, the shortcuts show up in the shortcut overview dialog (?).

Key Combination Description
j Focus next list item
k Focus previous list item

Repository-specific Shortcuts

Key Combination Description
g i Switch to repository info
g b Switch to branches
g t Switch to tags
g c Switch to code
g s Switch to settings

Plugin Shortcuts

Plugins can introduce new shortcuts. They may be global, repository-specific or connected to an entirely different context. They will automatically be included in the summary generated within the SCM-Manager. To find the shortcuts outside the SCM-Manager, please refer to the documentation of the plugin.


The system described above can be disabled in the profile settings under "Accessibility".

Accessibility Settings