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Configuration and locations of SCM-Manager logging

SCM-Manager logs information which can be useful, if the system does not behave as expected. The logging behavior depends on your operating system and installation.

Type of Installation Logging
Docker stdout
RPM /var/log/scm
DEB /var/log/scm
Unix $BASEDIR/logs
Mac OS X ~/Library/Logs/SCM-Manager
Windows $BASEDIR\logs

The location of the $BASEDIR can be found here.


The logging behaviour of SCM-Manager can be configured via an xml file. The syntax and properties can be found here. The location of the file depends also on the type of installation.

Type of Installation Path
Docker /etc/scm/logging.xml
RPM /etc/scm/logging.xml
DEB /etc/scm/logging.xml
Unix $EXTRACT_PATH/scm-server/conf/logging.xml
Mac OS X $EXTRACT_PATH/scm-server/conf/logging.xml
Windows $EXTRACT_PATH/scm-server/conf/logging.xml

$EXTRACT_PATH is the path were you etract the content of the package.