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The group area includes everything that can be broken down into a group of several users and their authorizations.

It is possible to create groups in SCM-Manager to not authorize each user individually. Groups can be authorized and can contain an unlimited number of users.


The groups overview shows a list of all groups that are existing. Groups are distinguished between internal and external groups. Internal groups are groups that were created in SCM-Manager and are indicated by a house icon. External groups were created for external sources like a connected LDAP instance and have a world icon.

Groups Overview

Create a Group

Groups only require a name. It is also possible to add members to a group directly when they are created. Only the permissions of the group have to be added afterwards.

Create Group

Group Information

The information page of a group shows the meta data as well as the members.


Group for all Users

To apply settings or permissions for all regular users (that is all accounts except anonymous), one can use the group _authenticated. This group is an implicit one and every user account except anonymous is a member of this group.