The jenkins plugin will ping your Jenkins CI server when a new commit is pushed to SCM-Manager. In SCM-Manager exists two differnt methods to trigger jenkins builds.

Per repository configuration

The "per repository configuration" method requires a configuration for each repository. The following parameters must be configured:

Note for this setup the jenkins job have to be configured for remote trigger (Trigger builds remotely).

Global configuration

The global configuration has only support for git and mercurial. If you want to use the jenkins plugin with subversion repositories, you have to use the "per repository configuration". The global configuration method uses push notifications from the git-plugin and mercurial-plugin for jenkins. SCM-Manager will send the url of the changed repository after each successful push, jenkins will build each repository which this scm url and enabled polling.

To use the "global configuration" method, you have to note a few things:

  • You have to insert the url to your jenkins server (Config->General->Jenkins Configuration->Url) the url must conatin the context path of jenkins e.g.:
  • Be sure the base url contains the full qualified hostname to your scm-manager server (Config->General->General Settings->Base Url).
  • All jenkins repositories have to be configured for polling (the interval does not matter, a good value would be once a day).
  • If you are using "Matrix based security" on jenkins, be sure you use at least version 1.43 of the mercurial-plugin for jenkins.