What are the username and the password in the default installation?

Username: scmadmin
Password: scmadmin

Where does SCM-Manager store its configuration, log files and the repositories?

SCM-Manager stores the complete data in a directory called .scm (the SCM-Manager home directory). This directory is located in the home directory of the user which is the owner of the process. Except for rpm and deb installations, for those installations the home directory is located at /var/lib/scm.

How can I change the SCM-Manager home directory?

You could change the SCM-Manager home directory in a few ways:

  • Edit the scm.properties (WEB-INF/classes) file and add the path to your folder f.e. scm.home=/var/scm
  • Set an environment variable SCM_HOME with the path of your directory
  • Start your application server with a java property called scm.home f.e. -Dscm.home=/var/scm

Can I create a directory structure for scm-manager repositories?

Yes, since version 1.9 you can create directory structures. You can just use a "/" in the name of the repository to create the structure. For example the repositories Project/module-1, Project/module-2 and OtherProject/module-1 will result in the following structure.

+ Project
| - module-1
| - module-2
+ OtherProject
| - module-1

For more information have a look at #47.

After creation of a new public repository I am trying to clone it anonymously, but I got request of user and password. What am I doing wrong?

You have to enable "Allow Anonymous Access" at Config->General.

Where does SCM-Manager stores it log files?

SCM-Manager stores the log files in a directory called "logs" which is located in the home directory (see question "Where does SCM-Manager store its configuration, log files and the repositories?").

How do I enable trace logging?

Edit scm-server/conf/logging.xml change the line from:

<logger name="sonia.scm" level="INFO" />


<logger name="sonia.scm" level="TRACE" />

If you are using the war version with an application server such as tomcat, you have to edit the logback.xml in WEB-INF/classes.

How do I install plugins?

Select Config->Plugins. This is supposed to show you a list of all available plugins to install. It is not a place to configure existing plugins. Install Package does not take you to the install screen... If you only see the installed plugins, see the next question.

Why don't I see any installable plugins on the plugin tab?

Is the SCM-Manager server behind a proxy server? Then you have to configure your proxyserver at Config->General.