Redmine Plugin

Is based on scm-jira-plugin.

The plugin enables the following features to integrate SCM-Manager to Redmine:

  • Turn issue keys in changeset descriptions to links for redmine
  • Updates a redmine issue if the issue key is found in a changeset description
  • Close a Redmine issue if the issue key and a auto close (close, fix, resolve, ...) word is found in the changeset description

Installation and configuration

  1. Enable Redmine rest authentication, basically 'you have to check Enable REST API in Administration -> Settings -> Authentication'
  2. Install redmine-plugin over the plugin center in scm-manager
  3. Configure the plugin, select a repository to enable the redmine-plugin for this repository
  4. To link issues commit must be match the following: '(#issue_id) your commit message'
  5. Note: For the auto close and update feature it is necessary that users have the same names and passwords in SCM-Manager and Redmine