Jira Plugin

The plugin enables the following features to integrate Atlassian JIRA to SCM-Manager:

  • Turn issue keys in changeset descriptions to links for jira
  • Updates a Jira issue if the issue key is found in a changeset description
  • Close a Jira issue if the issue key and a auto close (close, fix, resolve, ...) word is found in the changeset description

Installation and configuration

  1. Enable remote api calls in jira (https://developer.atlassian.com/display/JIRADEV/JIRA+XML-RPC+Overview)
  2. Install scm-jira-plugin over the plugin center in scm-manager
  3. Be sure that your jira installation accepts remote calls


  1. Configure the plugin, select a repository to enable the scm-jira-plugin for this repository


  1. Note: For the auto close and update feature it is necessary that users have the same names and passwords in SCM-Manager and Jira

Auto Close Words (Since v. 1.17)

From version 1.17 the plugin offers the possibility of mapping auto close words with transition that are configured in JIRA.

  • Auto Close Words are a comma separated list
  • Auto Close Words are not case sensitive
  • Auto Close Words can contain spaces
  • If the Auto Close Word is identical to the transition name, just add the transition name to the list (e.g. transition name = start progress --> Auto Close Word = start progress)
  • If the Auto Close Word is different from the transition name you have to use the mapping function (e.g. transition name = start progress, Auto Close Word = begin --> you have to add 'begin = start progress' to the configuration of the plugin.


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