Path Write Protect Plugin


  • Login in as administrator
  • Open Plugins
  • Install scm-pathwp-plugin
  • Restart your applicationserver


After the restart you should see a "Path write protect" tab for each repository. On this tab you are able to set path write protection for users and groups. Here are some rules for the usage of the pathwp plugin:

  • Administrators and repository owner have always write access.
  • Grant write permissions on the "Permission" tab for every user or group who should write to any file or folder in the repository.
  • If the pathwp plugin is enabled, nobody can write to the repository expect administrators, repository owners and the specified rules.
  • To protect a complete folder use a star at the end of the path (e.g.: trunk/*)


Path Name Group Permission Description
* scmadmin false user scmadmin has write access to the whole repository
trunk/* development true group development has write access to the trunk directory
trunk/joe.txt joe false user joe has write access to the file trunk/joe.txt